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La nostra storia

Forni Visciano deals with the construction of professional Neapolitan wood and gas ovens built on site or furniture for the traditional cooking of Neapolitan pizza.
Neapolitan ovens for domestic use with reduced sizes according to customer needs, minimum internal diameter 80mm.
The knowledge gained over the years and our experience allow us to obtain Neapolitan ovens that meet the quality standards for cooking the true Neapolitan pizza:

Temperature of the vault: about 430 ° C
Temperature reached by the pasta: 60-65 ° C
Temperature reached by the tomato: 75-80 ° C
Temperature reached by oil: 75-85 ° C
Temperature reached by the mozzarella: 65-70 ° C

Tradizione Napoletana

“As from ancient Neapolitan tradition our ovens are built in a totally artisan way without the help of preconstructed components and with the materials of our lands.”

The popularity of Pizza

The pizza in Naples was very popular both with the poorest Neapolitans and with the nobles, including the Bourbon sovereigns.
The success of the pizza also conquered the sovereigns of the House of Savoy, so much so that at the Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889 the pizza chef Raffaele Esposito dedicated the “Pizza Margherita”, which represented the new tricolor banner with white mozzarella, red tomato and the green of the basil.
Since then, Pizza became a tourist attraction, taking visitors to discover the poorest areas of the city to try local specialties.

Un pò di storia...

Naples is one of the most ancient cities of the West and boasts mythological traditions and legends about its origins but the protagonist of all the legends about the foundation of Naples is always the mythical siren Partenope who, fallen victim of Ulysses’ astuteness, abandoned the terrible rock sirens to reach the islet of Megaride, which houses the present Borgo Marinaro, in via Partenope.

Parlano di noi

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Unesco recognized pizza chef, use our “Bella Napoli” oven

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